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AR47 X39 Pistol 7.62x39


“After experiencing unsatisfactory results from other manufacturer’s x39 uppers, builders at Northwest Gun Supply have taken the 7.62x39mm AR15 pistol to the next level with the M47s. 

Heart and soul of the build begins with Aero Precision receivers. The 10.5” Faxon Manufacturing Nitride barrel keeps the heavy 30 caliber bullet true with a 1/8 twist rate. Improved cycling, reliability and cleaning are maintained by utilizing a MPI nickel boron coated bolt carrier group. Use of the 7.62 muzzle brake by Daniel Defense keeps the recoil from such a potent cartridge manageable. MLOK rail accessories can be mounted with confidence on the Daniel Defense MFR 9.0 handguard. Use of the Daniel Defense polymer ejection port cover keeps debris from attempting to foul the reciprocating assembly. Last but not least, laser engraving on the receiver prevents confusion at the range and let’s everyone know you are shooting a truly unique, well designed and built AR15.” 


Assembled Parts


Daniel Defense MLOK rail

Daniel Defense muzzle brake

Daniel Defense sight combo

Daniel Defense MLOK grip

Daniel Defense polymer dust cover

Aero Precision upper And charging handle

AIM Nickel Boron BCG 

Faxon 10.5" nitride barrel 1:8 twist

CPD magazine 

Aero Precision Lower

Aero Precision Lower build kit

SBM4 Pistol brace 

AR47 X39 Pistol 7.62x39

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