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1974 Romanian PSL-54C 7.62x54r


*DESCRIPTION: Romanian PSL 54c sniper rifle with surplus wood furniture and original Romanian CHF chrome lined barrel. Shoots the inexpensive and powerful 7.62x54r round. This is an early import by Century Arms and imported from Romarm. The firearm is in very good condition with a trunnion date of 1974. The original barrel is dated 1974 as well. This PSL possesses the bolt hold open option and bayonet lug. Most of the PSL’s on the market are missing these options as well as the original chrome lined barrel. I have shot this firearm and it shoots great. No feeding or ejection issues. I only used new production steel cased ammo. I have heard that surplus ammo is hit or miss. The Romanian military issued 1977 LPS TIP2 scope is in very good condition with only a small scratch on the outside of the rear eyepiece (see picture). Glass is clear with no scratches. Firearm and scope functions as they should. Scope serial number does not match the rifle serial number. This is normal.

*BARREL: Original Romanian CHF chrome lined barrel in beautiful condition. The Romanian military acceptance marks are visible.

*SURPLUS FURNITURE: Very good condition with no cracks.

*FINISH: The finish is in very good condition with only minor storage scuffs.

 *WHATS INCLUDED: One 10 round magazine and both rubber eye pieces. 

Romanian PSL-54C Sniper Rifle 7.62x54r

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