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The story of Northwest Gun Supply and NGS Manufacturing is simple. Northwest Gun Supply was created in 2012 to provide a quality Avtomat Kalashnikova to the general public that is as close to the original production model as possible. As an AK collector and firearms enthusiast, I was tired of purchasing AK's that were correct in one respect to originality but wrong in another. I was also frustrated and tired of fixing other manufacturers lack of quality control. Don't get me wrong, there are several quality AK manufacturers but you will pay an unreasonably high price for their product.
After building firearms for several years I decided to offer lower cost, not lower quality, AK's and AK variants to the general public. I take pride in our firearms and I think you will as well.
Northwest Gun Supply is a small-scale Firearm and Gun Manufacturer. Our manufactured products meet the
highest industry standards, and are built one at a time to ensure authenticity, consistency, and quality.
In 2015, Cameron Witgenstein joined Northwest Gun Supply as our AR platform guru. Cameron possesses vast knowledge of AR and AR variants. Cameron is also our Director of Sales and Marketing and is a welcome member to the Northwest Gun Supply family.
Corey Weathermon
Northwest Gun Supply
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