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"Always willing to fully explain and answer any questions you might have (and in a timely manner!). Does a great job on every build, rivets, finish etc...all done by someone who takes pride in their work. "


"I just picked up the tantal today. I just wanted to let you know I couldn’t be happier how it turned out. You truly do amazing work."


"Hey Corey, I picked my rifle up yesterday and all I can say is wow. It is gorgeous. It blows my other rifles out of the water in terms of fit and finish, not to mention function. It is butter smooth. I really appreciate your attention to detail on your builds, I couldn't be happier! Can't wait to take it to the range. I will be sure to give you a call on my next one for sure. I will recommend you to my friends, I need them to get some AKs and join the dark side Haha. Thank you so much!"


"So far, I have had the pleasure of getting two AK builds done by Northwest Gun Supply. Each time I have received a beautifully crafted rifle that functions flawlessly. Corey is more than willing to answer any questions or give his insight in a timely and amicable manner. Not only have I been thrilled with the final product every time, but each build has been completed well before the estimated time-frame. Northwest Gun Supply is my go to builder for any AK project."


"Hi Corey,

I went and picked up my new AK this evening, and it really does look fantastic!  It's exactly what I had in mind. You really nailed the look of the rifle and did a great job with the finish.


My entire experience working with you on it has been great, and I seriously appreciate your attention to detail and all the work you put into the build.  It is rare to be able to receive that level of service and I greatly appreciate it. 


Can't wait to go put some rounds through it!  It makes me really really want a full stock version to go along with it!"


"Hey Corey, just picked that 74 up. I am completely blown away by how beautiful she is. Thank you very much again. You will definitely earn my business again".


"She shot like a dream, thank you very much Corey, the overall appearance of this rifle is beyond words that truly describe it. Thank you for the great customer service and company delivery of such an amazing piece of history and fun".


"Picked up the rifle earlier today. You guys knocked it out of the park! It looks perfect, thanks again! I will definitely be doing business with you in the future. I appreciate it"!


"After about a year of searching for a quality AK-74, I took a chance on NGS. The owner answered all my questions, kept me informed of test fire, completion and shipment (with photos along the way) throughout the process.

The rifle was nothing short of amazing. NGS workmanship with the fit and finish was perfect. The attention to detail on the fire selector markings and the spacing of the etched detents was spot on. No magazine wobble.

The sights were straight and when it came to run 100 rounds through it; it functioned flawlessly.

I own an AK-47 and now this AK-74 and have fired several of different makers from around the world. This Bulgarian matching parts kit runs like a Swiss watch. The best part, it’s about $300-$500 less than some Arsenal Inc options.

I’m very happy with this rifle. NGS has gone above and beyond my expections and at a price that was more that fair. I highly recommend NGS for anyone looking for a historical accurate build as much as the laws allow."

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"Man...I could not be more happy with my purchase from you. Over the last 2 days I have run well over a thousand rounds thru my rifle (including a tac course). Props to you. If you should ever need a recommendation, let me know".


"I went and ran the M72 today. Did that Gun put a smile on my face. Action cycled smooth as glass. The accuracy is great at 100 yards. Only shot out to 100 today.

This gun is fantastic really excited to own it".

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