These are the military surplus AK parts kits we currently have in stock. Please be aware that inventory changes frequently and without notice. Parts kits are not for sale by themselves.

If you are interested in a quality build please email us at Include the desired parts kit and we will shoot you a bid and availability. 

Thank you,

Northwest Gun Supply


          Bulgarian stamped fixed stock AK74 surplus wood^^SOLD OUT^^


          Not Available

East Germany  

           Not Available


           AK63D AK47 Under Folder Surplus Wood

           AMD65 AK47 Side Folder Surplus Wood


            AKM47 Fixed Stock Surplus Wood ^^SOLD OUT^^

​            AKM47 Under Folder Surplus Wood ^^SOLD OUT^^

​            Tantal AK74^^SOLD OUT^^




           Md63 AK47 Fixed Stock Surplus Wood

           Md65 AK47 Under Folder Surplus Wood

​           Md86 AIMS74 AK74 Side Folder Surplus Wood^^SOLD OUT^^

​           Md64 AK47 RPK Fixed Stock Surplus Wood.  ^^SOLD OUT^^



           Can Be Ordered








           M72B1 AK47 RPK Fixed Stock Surplus Wood


           M70AB2 Underfolder Surplus Wood



       Galil ARM

         Galil SAR

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