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1918 German Erfurt Kar 98


For sale is a 1918 German KAR 98 1898AZ K98. Very good condition with slightly frosted grooves but shiny lands. The receiver ring has Erfurt 1918 stamped on the top and 7,91 stamped on the ring just behind the sight leaf. Looks like everything matches but the stock, butt plate, barrel bands and stacking lug.  German proofs stamped all over the rifle. The stock looks to be Polish as I found dowels used in the strengthening of the wood. The research I have found indicates this Kar 98 was given to Poland by Germany as “war reparations” then sent from Poland to Spain to assist Spain in the Spanish Civil War. The serial number on the left side of the stock under the receiver indicates a Spanish re-work. No import marks that I could find. I do not test fire military surplus firearms. As always please have a Gunsmith inspect the firearm prior to use. Visit us at: NORTHWESTGUNSUPPLY.COM.

  • Furniture Condition: Wood Furniture is in good condition with only minor dings and a couple of scratches.

  • Metal Condition: 90%

  • Import Marks: None

  • Caliber: 8MM Mauser

  • Date: 1918

1918 German Erfurt Kar 98 1898AZ

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