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For sale is a 1928 Polish 98AZ K98. Very good condition with slightly frosted grooves but shiny lands. Stock, receiver, mag and mag floor plate, stacking rod, and front sight match. Unfortunately, the bolt has a different serial number but is common for this type of firearm. Polish firing proof on right side of receiver ring. 8MM stamped on the top of the barrel just behind the front sight. There is an “A” on the left side of the stock just forward of the sling bar. The “A” is unique to rifles that saw action/service in the Spanish Civil War and survived. There is a small crack between the rear sight leaf and the receiver ring but does not go all the way through the wood. No import marks that I could find. I do not test fire military surplus firearms. As always please have a Gunsmith inspect the firearm prior to use.

  • Furniture Condition: Wood Furniture is in good condition with only minor dings and a couple of scratches.

  • Metal Condition: 90%

  • Import Marks: None

  • Caliber: 8MM Mauser

  • Date: 1928

If item/s are not mentioned in the ad or not shown in the photos than the item/s are not included with the weapon for sale. Please email with questions.

1928 Polish 98AZ K98

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