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Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30 sniper rifle in very good condition.

Arsenal Refurbished. The bore is bright and shiny with no signs of pitting or rust. All serial numbers match including the bolt. All numbers are stamped with no line outs or scribes, except for the original scope stamp on the side of the receiver ring and for the scope mount itself. The receiver ring is stamped with the Izhevsk arsenal stamp with the date 1943. Scope is original but not original to the rifle. The reticle moves inside the scope and the glass is clear. I pulled the scope mount off the stock and the cuts look old indicating this is not a freshly cut cobbled together “sniper”. I also found out that the painted on “Made in Russia” , on the right side of the receiver is a requirement made in 2013 for these rifles to be imported. The scope mount has the serial number of the rifle electro penciled on the base of it. The rifle is very accurate. A very nice piece of WWII history.

1943 Russian 91/30 Sniper Rifle with Original scope

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