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NGS 1983 Polish AKM47 Underfolder, Blued with BFP look
*Built from an all matching military surplus parts kit.
*Quality Morrissey receiver. Fully heat treated.
*AoA Nitride (Melonite) barrel.
*Surplus wood is in very good condition.
*This AKM was blued so I left it all original and matched the barrel and reciever to the parts. You dont see many Polish Battle Field Pickup AKM's.
*Polish engraved selector markings.
*Comes with one 30 round Tapco magazine.

NGS 1983 Polish AKM under folder, Blued with BFP look

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  • Polish Kbk AKMS 7.62x39


    As with other Warsaw Pact countries, Poland adopted and began the manufacture of a stamped receiver in the 1960’s. The rifle was designated the “Kbk AKM”. In the 1970’s Poland began production of the underfolder version of the AKM. Poland designated this rifle as the Kbk AKMS or “Short Battle Carbine Automatic Kalishnikov, Modernized with folding stock”. The rifle is the same as the fixed stock except for the Soviet pattern metal underfolding stock. Selector marking are same as the fixed stock utilizing the C and P nomenclature. The examples I have encountered consist of a painted, blued or phosphate finish. If the rifle has a phosphate finish, it usually indicates that the rifle is an arsenal re-work. Production ceased around 1992 in favor of the new vz.88 Tantal.

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