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1984 Polish AKM47 Fixed Stock with surplus wood furniture.
*Built from an all matching military surplus parts kit.
*Quality Morrissey receiver. Fully heat treated.
*Green Mountain Chrome Lined Barrel.
*Surplus wood is in good condition.
*John Norrell Moly Resin finish that looks just like the original.
*Polish engraved selector markings.
*Comes with one 30 round magazine.

NGS 1984 Polish AK47 Fixed Stock Matching

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  • Polish Kbk AKM 7.62x39


    As with other Warsaw Pact countries, Poland adopted and began the manufacture of a stamped receiver in the 1960’s. The rifle was designated the “Kbk AKM” or “Short Battle Carbine Automatic Kalashnikov Modernized”. Early versions of the AKM used hardwood furniture where later models used the typical Russian style laminate furniture with palm swell lower handguard. Polish AKM’s are an exact copy of the traditional Russian style AKM except for the selector markings. Selector marking are labeled with a C and P. The finish on the Polish AKM’s was either blued or black paint. In my experience there is not set date for which Poland switched from bluing to paint. I have found examples of early models painted and later models blued. The fixed stock version of the AKM ended in 1980’s after which only the AKMS was produced.

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