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NGS Bulgarian AK 74


*DESCRIPTION: Bulgarian fixed stock AK 74 with original surplus plum furniture.

*PARTS KIT: All matching military surplus. 

*RECEIVER: Quality Morrissey receiver. Fully heat treated.

*SELECTOR MARKINGS: Proper engraved Bulgarian cyrillic military selector markings.

*BARREL: AoA 4150 Nitride (Melonite) barrel. Removable muzzle brake.

*SURPLUS FURNITURE: Good condition with normal wear. I leave all furniture "as is" for authenticity. 

*FINNISH: John Norrell Moly Resin

*922r PARTS: Receiver, Tapco trigger, and Magpul or Tapco magazine

*WHATS INCLUDED: One Mapul 30 round magazine and side plate for optics.

NGS Bulgarian AK74 Matching

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  • Bulgarian AR-M1 AK 74


    During the 1980’s Bulgaria adopted the Soviet 5.45x39 cartridge and began producing AK 74’s from Russian supplied parts. The Trunnions were blank, or had Russian arsenal marks, and the selector markings were Russian Cyrillic characters. The state owned Arsenal J.S. Factory eventually started indigenous production of their version of the Soviet AK 74. Bulgaria designated this rifle as the AR-M1. Early models of the AR-M1 used hardwood furniture and later evolved to the more robust laminate furniture. By the late 1980’s the Bulgarians began using polyamide plastics for furniture. The Bulgarian AR-M1 are almost identical to the traditional Soviet design. Bulgarian selector markings consist of Cyrillic AB and EД.

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