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Hungarian AK63D AKM47 Underfolder with surplus wood furniture.

*All major parts match but the trunnion.
*Quality Morrissey receiver. Fully heat treated.
Green Mountain chrome lined barrel.
*Finished in John Norrell Moly Resin. Matches the original perfectly.
*Hungarian engraved selector markings.
*Includes one thirty round magazines.

NGS Hungarian AK63D AKM under folder rifle

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  • Hungarian AMM/AKS-63D 7.62x39


    Hungary began production of its stamped steel receiver AK’s in 1963. All components of the new AKM were produced by FEG. The AMM, “Automata Modositott Magyaritott”, is a copy of the full sized Soviet AKM. Hungary started production of its stamped underfolder AKMS model at about the same time as the rest of the Warsaw Pact countries. Hungary designated this model as the AMM/AKS-63D. The AKS-63D is a close copy of the Soviet AKMS but utilizing beechwood furniture with flared pistol grip instead of laminate. This model does not have the vertical grip under the barrel, instead using the traditional Soviet lower handguard without the palm swell. The finish on the AKS-63D is a satin to flat painted type. Recent imports of Hungarian AKS-63D kits have been nonmatching. All current US production builds, with all matching military surplus parts, will command a premium in price.

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