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Hungarian AKM 63 AK47 with wood furniture.


*You don’t see true original AKM63’s anymore. This is not the cobbled together AMD65 made to look like an AKM63. This has the bayonet lug and standard length gas tube. I found a couple of these kits locally without the butt stocks. The butt stock on this rifle is an Iron Wood stock made out of Beech wood just like the original. The pistol grips are surplus.

*The rifle was built from an excellent de-milled military parts kit.  All marked parts match.

*Manufactured using a fully heat treated quality McKay receiver and Green Mountain chrome lined barrel.

*The AKM has been refinished in John Norrell Moly Resin, as if it just came off the production line and includes the proper engraved Hungarian selector markings.

*Completely 922r compliant. Barrel, receiver, trigger, and mag constitute the 922r compliance.

* Comes with one 30 round magazines.

NGS Hungarian AKM63 (NOT AMD63) Fixed Stock

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  • Hungarian AMM/AKM-63 7.62x39


    Hungary began production of its stamped steel receiver AK’s in 1963. All components of the new AKM were produced by FEG. The AMM, “Automata Modositott Magyaritott”, is a copy of the full sized Soviet AKM. The distinction ends when you look at the new AMM. Hungary utilized a forward vertical pistol grip mounted under the barrel. This vertical grip was used to stabilize the rifle in full automatic mode. The early production models used beechwood whereas later models used polypropylene plastic. The Hungarian military decided on using a lower handguard made of steel and no upper handguard. This left the gas tube exposed. Only about 1,100 of these were imported, so they are one of the rarest AK variants on the U.S. market.

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