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NGS Hungarian AMD65 AK47


*DESCRIPTION: Hungarian AMD-65 with original surplus wood. Sidefolder locks up tight in the open and closed position.

*PARTS KIT: All matching military surplus parts kit.

*RECEIVER: Quality Childers receiver. Fully heat treated.

*SELECTOR MARKINGS: Proper engraved Hungarian military selector markings.

*BARREL: AoA 14.5" 4150 Nitride (Melonite) lined barrel. Muzzle brake has been tac welded to bring it to 16".

*SURPLUS FURNITURE: Good condition.

*FINISH: Norrell Moly Resin

*922r PARTS: Receiver, barrel, Tapco G2 trigger group, and Magpul magazine

*WHATS INCLUDED: One 20 round Magpul magazine.

NGS Hungarian AMD65

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  • Hungarian AMD-65 7.62x39

    The AMD-65 (Automata Módosított Deszant[fegyver] 1965); Automatic Modified Paratrooper is a Hungarian manufactured variant of the standard AKM for use by that nation's armored infantry and paratrooper units. The rifle's design is suited for outdoor use as an infantry rifle but can also be used from within the confines of an armored vehicle. The 12.6-inch barrel is also relatively short for the 7.62X39mm cartridge. The operating mechanism does not require a gas expansion chamber but does use a specially designed muzzle brake. The muzzle brake reduces muzzle flash but makes the weapon louder.The AMD-65, along with the earlier AKM-63, have been largely replaced in Hungarian military service by the AK-63, and other variants.

    Wood is rare in the manufacturing of the AMD-65.  The front handguard is made of perforated sheet metal and typically has a vertical foregrip attached to assist in controlling fully automatic fire. In addition, the vertical foregrip is physically identical to the pistol grip, with the former mounted backwards with respect to the rear. Wooden grips were used in early models, eventually replaced by gray plastic grips.

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