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NGS Yugoslavian M72B1 RPK AK 47 Surplus Wood


*DESCRIPTION: Yugo M72B1 RPK with original surplus wood.

*PARTS KIT: All matching military surplus. 

*RECEIVER: Quality 1.5mm Nodak Spud receiver. Fully heat treated.

*SELECTOR MARKINGS: Proper engraved Yugoslavian military selector markings.

*BARREL: Green Mountain chrome lined heavy barrel. Removable muzzle nut.

*SURPLUS FURNITURE: Good condition with some nicks and dings. I leave all furniture "as is" for authenticity. 

*FINNISH: John Norrell moly resin.

*922r PARTS: Barrel, Receiver, Tapco trigger, and Magpul or Tapco magazine

*WHATS INCLUDED: One Mapul 30 round magazine.

NGS Yugo M72B1 RPK AK 47

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  • Yugoslavian Zastava M72B1 762x39


    During 1970, the Zastava manufacturing plant was given the task of improving the earlier M64 select fire design. What ensued, and which was eventually adopted was the Sutomatska Puska or the AP M70 series of rifles.  The AP M70 series was originally manufactured with a milled receiver. When Yugoslavia switched from the milled receiver AK variants to stamped, Zastava also modernized the, Puskomitraljez, or M72 series of light machine guns as well. The M72B1 is identical to the M70B1 model, with a few modifications. The M72B1 utilizes a heavy finned barrel, with attached bipod, and lacks the receiver cover mechanism on the rear trunnion. In an effort to avoid design changes between the M70 and M72, Zastava did not change the design of the receiver cover for the M72. You will see all M72B1’s with the receiver cover notch, as seen on the M70 series for the receiver cover mechanism, but no mechanism. On later model M72B1’s, Zastava started imprinting the year, model number, and serial number on the left side of the front trunnion. The selector markings are the same as the M70 series utilizing the U, R, and J.  

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