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NGS Yugoslavian M70AB1 with Surplus Wood


*DESCRIPTION: Yugo slab side M70AB1 AK47 with early style 3 rivet underfolder. The AB1 is the early version of the M70 series of rifle. This is not a Yugo NPAP or OPAP but a true military surplus rifle. The rear sight block possesses the Zastava logo.

*PARTS KIT: Very good rated military surplus parts kit. All parts match but the gas tube.

*RECEIVER: Quality Nodak Spudreceiver. Fully heat treated.

*SELECTOR MARKINGS: Proper military Yugo selector markings.

*BARREL: Green Mountain chrome lined barrel. Removable slant muzzle nut.

*SURPLUS FURNITURE: Good condition. I leave furniture in "as is" condition for authenticity.

*FINISH: The original patina was in good condition so we created a BFPU look. We matched the barrel and receiver to the original finish.

*922r PARTS: Barrel, Receiver, Tapco G2 trigger, and Tapco or Magpul magazine

*WHATS INCLUDED: One Magpul magazine.

NGS Yugoslavian "slab side" M70AB1

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  • Yugoslavian Zastava M70AB1 7.62x39


    During 1970, the Zastava manufacturing plant was given the task of improving the earlier M64 select fire design. What ensued, and which was eventually adopted was the Sutomatska Puska or the AP M70 series of rifles.  The AP M70 series was originally manufactured with a milled receiver. When Yugoslavia switched from the milled receiver AK variants to stamped, Zastava originally produced them with the industry standard 1mm thick receivers. Production started in the early to mid 1970’s and was referred to as the M70B1 and M70AB1, for the underfolder version. One noticeable distinction that sets the M70 rifle series apart from other AKM’s is the use of a gas cutoff valve on the gas block. This feature was used for the launching of rifle grenades. The M70 series also had a push button mechanism integrated into the rear trunnion. This mechanism was used to keep the receiver cover locked onto the receiver when firing rifle grenades. The Yugoslavian army soon discovered that the 1mm receivers were failing due to the added stresses of launching rifle grenades. To solve this problem, Zastava implemented a 1.5mm receiver and a bulged trunnion used on the RPK light machine gun. The 1mm version of the M70B1 was only in production for a very short time, replaced by the 1.5mm model. Interestingly enough, Zastava retained the M70B1 designation for the new 1.5mm model instead of a chronological increase like they did on other models. Early production M70b1’s have the Zastava markings on the left rear sight block. This practice was discontinued after 1986, leaving the sight block unmarked. Selector markings are designated as U, R, and J. The M70 series is still in production today, in one form or another.

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