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The PSO series manufactured in Russia by NPZ is world famous for its quality and is current military issue for the Red Army. This special version sits 9 mm higher than a classic PSO AK scope to guarantee the clearance between the scope bell and iron sight. The PSO series is the optic of choice for all Russian army cover or siege operations. Considered the higher end of military, side-mount scopes, the quality is a step up from other PSO-style scopes and is a much more effective for precision shooting. It has a magnesium alloy body and fully multicoated optics. A great assault weapon scope with an illuminated reticule grid, it allows you to determine kill distance as well as to track and observe game in the field. The military reticle provides effective height-based rangefinding capabilities with graduated scales for both standing and prone figure estimation. Since the range calibrations are measured in equal amounts of MOA, all versions of the PSO can be used effectively with any caliber of weapon. The PSO features a red illuminated reticle which allows you to make perfect kill shots in dusk conditions. Illumination is provided by a simple diode. The special design of the scope allows for both lateral and angular adjustments quickly and easily so you always stay zeroed in. It features professionally ground, crystal clear optics, nitrogen filling to prevent lens fogging, and larger diameter tubes for improved light gathering under the most severe conditions. It is waterproof and can be used in any climate condition. It comes with a high quality mil-spec finish, and with everything shown in the picture.The AK V clamp can easily be mounted to any of these rifles with the standard side rail: AK-47, AKM, AK-74, Vepr, Saiga, K-var, KBI, Hesse, Century and Arsenal USA copies, Romak1/2, SLR-93, SLR-95, SLR-101, MK-11, SAR, WUM, SA85M, WASR (check for installed rail), Maddi, Norinco and Poly-Tech copies. The PSO series uses a standard AA battery.

PSO 4x24, 1000m Rangefinder, AK

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  • SKU    GSPSO424AKC
    FIELD OF VIEW    6o
    FIELD OF VIEW AT 1000 M    110 m
    EYE RELIEF    68 mm
    WINDAGE    2 MOA
    RETICLE    1000m Dragunov
    MOUNT TYPE    AK, AKM, Saiga, SLR
    COLOR    Black
    TEMPERATURE    +50 to -50oC
    POWER SOURCE    1.5V (AA or CR123)
    BATTERY LIFE    50 hours
    ITEM WEIGHT    1.3 pounds
    CONDITION    New

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