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Kovrov SVT40 rifle made in 1941.

The Kovrov arsenal also produced the SVT 40 in a supplemental role beginning in the later part of 1940 and ending in 1941, less than a year later. At that time the Kovrov arsenal concentrated on producing machine-guns and airborne cannon for the Air Force. The Tokarev SVT40 rifle produced at Kovrov is a prime collectable and rarely encountered. It was erroneously assumed the arsenal stamp that Kovrov used was that of the earlier Sestroyetsyk as the fletched arrow logo is so similar. The bolt is in the white, as it should be. The top cover is a light gray. The bore is in very good condition with only a light frosting. Serial numbers do not match on the rifle and has the Finnish SA on the left side of the receiver. The stock is birch with no cracks and only the usual handling marks and dings. I have personally owned this rifle for several years and it shoots like a dream although it kicks like a mule. The magazine appears to be an aftermarket item. NOT IMPORT MARKED.










Russian Kovrov SVT40

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